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Best Practices

Is a bulletin with tips and recommendation for Residents on various topics regarding Lions strata guidelines, community standards and the Bylaws and Rules.

Cardboard 1.jpg

please flatten cardboard before disposing!

Residents are reminded that all cardboard must be flattened first, before disposing We kindly ask Residents for assistance to report unsorted garbage or cardboard to the Concierge Desk. Please note that reminders/warning-notices have been posted in the common area. Click on the link below to read the notice.


West tower garbage and recycling room

West Tower Residents are reminded that the garbage and recycling room for the West Tower are located on the P1 level. Please use the West Tower  facilities for garbage disposal, recycling and cardboard. Please see map in picture for instructions how to find the rooms. For full map, please click the link below. 

Insurance Agent


All Residents of The Lions are reminded that as per the Bylaws LMS 3942, The Lions, owners are required to submit “Proof of Insurance” to the Property Manager as soon as possible confirming that a policy of insurance is in place that covers the new Strata Insurance Deductibles, and in particular the $200,000 resultant water damage deductible. Owners are reminded that compliance is mandatory and that failure to comply with the bylaws LMS 3942 may result in a warning letter being issued and subsequent fines assessed to their account(s)! We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this important matter.

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