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Fob/Remote Upgrade

Information on how to receive your complementary Fobs/Remote if you are an: Owner, Agent or Tenant

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June 3, 2024

Dear Residents,

Please be advised that THE OLD FOBS/REMOTES WILL BE DEACTIVATED on JUNE 24, 2024!


If you haven't picked up your new fobs/remote, we urge to do it in a timely fashion. If you are a Tenant, please advise your landlord of this
important deadline.


The Owner or their Authorized Agent can pick up the new fobs from the Concierge Desk every day from 7:00 AM to 10:45 PM. Tenants cannot pickup the new fobs on the Owner's behalf, and no exemptions will be granted.

The new fobs/remotes will be issued to Owners and their Authorized Agents only! Please ensure that you pick up your new credentials as soon as possible, and present the mandatory printed authorization letter and valid picture ID upon pickup.

We thank you for your cooperation,


Each strata lot will receive complementary Security Credentials according to the Bylaws as per unit entitlement, as follows:


Studio apt  =   1 Fob   + 1 Remote*

1  Bedroom =  2 Fobs + 1 Remote*

2 Bedroom =  3 Fobs + 1 Remote*

3 Bedroom =  4 Fobs + 1 Remote*


*The new Garage Remote is dual-function, and has a Fob embedded, and therefore is counted as a Remote + Fob.  

How the Fob count works?

Example: 2 Fobs + 1 Remote = 3 Fobs + Remote

Additional Information:

Complementary Remotes for Strata lots with secondary parking will be distributed at a later date. 

When scanning the remote in the elevator, please ensure you are scanning the round fob-shaped portion of the remote, flush against the center of the scan pad. If you encounter programming issues with your new fobs, please take a picture of the tag of the said fob/remote showing the serial numbers and email it with your unit number and brief description of the problem to the Concierge or management, and we will troubleshoot the issue.

Owners and Agents cannot apply for additional Fobs/Remotes during the transition period as everyone's fob count is exceeding the maximum allowed number as per unit entitlement. Once the old fobs are deactivated, applying for additional credentials will resume as normal. 

IMPORTANT: The new fobs can be obtained at the Concierge Desk 7 days a week from 7:15 am to 10:45 pm. Please note that Excalibur Security Personnel are not authorized to release the new credentials but only Lions Concierges. 

 If you are an Owner:


Please ensure that you communicate to your tenant(s) that they will not be able to obtain fobs or remotes for the new security system. The new security Fobs and Garage Remotes will be given to owners and authorized agents only, which will be responsible to distribute them to the tenant(s)! Please ensure that you have valid Government-issued picture ID with you when picking up the complementary security credentials.


If you have an Agent, please ensure that their request is accompanied with your written authorization which can be verified.


If you are an Agent on behalf of the Owner:


Please make sure that you submit proof of authorization, signed by the strata lot owner, authorizing you (not the Company you work for), to receive the new security credentials. You will not be receiving Fobs or Remotes for the new security system, if you do not provide a written and signed authorization by the strata lot Owner. Please have valid Government-issued picture ID with you when picking up the complementary security credentials and a printed copy of the Owner's authorization letter. The Concierge's cannot assist with printing or filing digital copies.


If you are a Tenant:


Please contact your Rental Agent or the unit Owner  in a timely fashion to inform them that you require the new Fob(s) and/or Garage Remote. Management is not authorized to issue the new security credentials to tenants, and no exemptions will be made! You will receive the new Fobs and Remote from the Owner or Authorized Agent only.

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