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alterations & Strata Approval

Question: I would like to change the carpet to hardwood or laminate flooring in my apartment. What documentation do I need to obtain strata approval?

Answer: To install hardwood or laminate flooring you will need the approval of the Strata Corporation first. Please email the specification sheet for the underlay you are planning to use in conjunction with the flooring material type to Management. The IIC value number (Insulation Impact Class)  and STC value number (Sound Transmission Class) need to be 72 or above according to the Lion's Bylaws & Rules.  

Bylaw 10 (2)(b) (b) the installation of any hard type flooring will require an acoustic underlay with a Sound Transmission Class and Impact Insulation Class rating of 72 dB or higher.

Question: I would do like to do more extensive Alterations which entail drywall removal and work on plumbing and electrical. What do I need to start the process?

Answer: If any of the mentioned are involved you will need to submit a detailed plan of what the renovations will exactly entail. In some instances a site inspection may have to take place first. Certain alterations will require permits from the City of Vancouver and a letter from a Structural Engineer. Some alterations will require a letter of assurance from a Structural Engineer. The Owner is responsible to submit the required documentation and approval from the City  for review before the Strata will be able to give approval. Please ensure that your contractors have the proper certifications/licenses and are covered with sufficient liability insurance. This should be included with your renovation request package. Please note that Fire Sprinklers are not allowed to be relocated or tampered with under No Circumstance!



10 Alterations   10 (1) An owner intending to apply to the strata corporation for permission to alter a strata lot or the common property must submit, in writing: (a) a detailed written description of the intended alteration, (b) a detailed plan showing the proposed location of the construction of the alteration and nature of the change, including details of the proposed materials and dimensions, (c) name(s) of the qualified/licensed contractor or consultants who will design, construct and inspect the alterations, (d) proof of valid liability insurance for the qualified/licensed contractor or consultants who will design, construct and inspect the alterations, (e) an indemnity to cover any damage to common property or other strata lots as a result of the alterations, (f) all applicable permits, licenses and approvals from the appropriate governmental  authorities; (g) a signed assumption of liability agreement if required by the strata council under bylaws

Question: What are the permitted hours to do Alteration work?

Question: What Are the noise restrictions for alteration work? 

Answer: Work is only permitted Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday's from 10 am to 5 pm, Statutory Holidays excluded. 


6(2) or 7(2), and (h) such further and other documents or information which the strata council may reasonably require. 12 (2) Any alterations approved by the council may only be carried out between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday, excluding excluding statutory holidays, and will be subject to all applicable municipal and provincial bylaws and codes.



Answer: Work that creates any kind of noise must be communicated to the Concierge at least 48 hours in advance. For noise such as jack hammering, tile removal or demolition, etc. typically a window of 1-2 hours max is allotted, for it to be completed.



Elevators need to be booked in advance through the concierge desk for deliveries or disposal of material. Please note that unannounced deliveries will not be accommodated.  The schedule needs to be communicated well in advance to avoid overlapping bookings. Disposal of any materials on Lions property is strictly prohibited. The contractors need to keep the common area clean at all times for the entire duration of the work. 

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